Helping to create and build successful businesses and family legacies…

We work with businesses of all sizes, start-ups, small and medium size enterprises and large diversified entities. We focus on entrepreneurship, family enterprises and business turnarounds. Our services may include:

Business Family Advising
Businesses are complex. Overlaying family dynamics onto these businesses creates even more complexity. Our primary objective is to help build a foundation for family harmony, business success, inter-generational business continuity and a family legacy. How prepared is the next generation to take on the leadership roles within your businesses? How does your family measure up? Who will drive your "Family Bus"? How will you decide? When will the baton be transferred? What will it take for a smooth transition to the next generation of leaders? We help families navigate the complexities and challenges of family dynamics to build the foundation for successful businesses and family legacies. Through an established process, we help families create a roadmap for where they want to go and how to get there.

Interim Management Assignments
We are available for interim or transitional management assignments including: temporary part-time CEO, CFO, COO and senior management roles.

Start-up Checklist
Before you start your business we meet with you to discuss a start-up checklist, offering guidance on: types of business entities, ownership structure, financial considerations, government reporting, accounting and due diligence. Usually consisting of one meeting, you will leave with a step by step checklist, an understanding of what must be done and how much it will cost to start your business.

Divisional Start-up
Are you looking to start a new division or subsidiary? We can bring our entrepreneurial vision, wisdom and spirit to the table and get it started and operational. Working as an entrepreneur-in-residence, we assume a temporary role as the driver to create a new entity within a larger organization.

Business Assessment
Is your idea practical? Can it be turned in to a profitable business? Are you a dreamer or being realistic? We ask you the tough questions. We meet with you to discuss your business idea and offer you valuable independent 3rd party feedback as to the potential viability and pitfalls of your idea, and suggestions as to how you might proceed. This is an economical service usually consisting of one meeting that could save you significant costs.

Strategic Planning
We facilitate the strategic planning process with families, boards and management; helping to create the long-term vision and plan.

Business Planning
Competent business planning will enhance a business' road to success. We can assist with the review or creation of a simple business plan for small start-ups or more sophisticated detailed plans for larger ventures.

Review of Operations
A business health check up. Often owners and managers are swamped with the day to day operations. We can perform an independent review of operations highlighting inefficiencies, cost saving measures, negative trends, potential risk factors, human resource issues and business opportunities.

We assist clients with financial planning, financial arrangements, protection of personal and corporate assets, investor and bank proposals, and alternative sources of cash.

Cash Flow
We provide assistance with financial modeling, including budgeting, forecasting, what if scenarios and financial stress tests.

Enterprise Resource Planning ("ERP")
We offer services in the assessment, selection and implementation of ERP software, hardware or cloud computing systems.

Request for Proposals ("RFP")
We have the experience, track record and talent to coordinate and prepare professional quality RFP packages.

Acquisitions and Divestitures
We perform due diligence investigations on potential business acquisitions; prepare corporate packages for sale of businesses and guide clients through the process, providing objective 3rd party insight and advice on the proposed acquisition or divestiture.

Succession Plan
Whether a business is transferred to other family members, sold to third parties or wound up, we can provide the planning and advice on process, financial, tax, legal, business and human resources considerations.

Turnaround and Recovery Plan
We have extensive experience in business turnarounds offering assistance in financial restructuring, business efficiency, human resource adjustments and implementing a plan to return to profitability.

Entrepreneur in Residence
We work closely with executives and senior managers of established enterprises to foster an entrepreneurial spirit. We take risks, push the boundaries, think, act and dream like entrepreneurs; leading to innovation and creativity within an organization.

Not for Profit Entities
All the services for businesses described above are also available for not-for-profit entities. In addition we offer the following services specific to the not-for-profit sector: Strategic Planning, Board Review and Recruitment.

We offer a selection of workshops and seminars that can be tailored to your organization's or family's needs.